National Service Gear has all the capabilities necessary to assist volunteer, military and government agencies in fulfilling their missions by providing customized goods, services and solutions.

We’ll work with you to gain all of the benefits of whatever purchase option you choose by customizing it to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s our AbilityOne Program, GSA Schedule, direct small acquisition, Impact card, credit card, P.O. or PayPal, we start by making your program setup as easy as possible. We’ll walk you through the steps and then stick with you to ensure you get the results you need.

Our 15+ years of experience with national organizations has taught us that a clear-cut plan is based on knowing not only what your agency wants to accomplish, but also what approach best suits your program or service.

Defining Your Needs

National Service Gear helps you to accurately define your goals and determine the most efficient, effective means of achieving them. This includes assisting you with the navigation of AbilityOne, GSA or other purchasing requirements and procedures!



Customizing a Solution

National Service Gear is a complete resource, and our services go well beyond customized, branded merchandise. Look to us for a full range of customized, strategic marketing solutions, from website creation and hosting to virtual catalogs, fundraising initiatives and more.



Putting the Plan into Action

At National Service Gear, we don’t simply devise a laundry list of recommendations and send you on your way. Follow-up and ongoing support are always part of the service and resources we provide.

National Service Gear offers a broad base of customized services and solutions tailored to meet the needs of your program and targeted for your specific audience.





Multiple Purchasing Options
Choose from the AbilityOne Program, GSA Schedule, Direct Small Acquisition Purchase, Impact Card, PO with easy credit application, credit cards, PayPal and more.

Website Creation and Hosting
An Online customized catalog of clothing, gear and promotional items for your agency.

Current Product Offerings
Continual updates provide current and relevant products to meet your needs. We’re proud to carry Made In The USA products. If you don’t find it, just ask.


Product Fulfillment
Orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately with the personalized touch you would expect from a local business partner.

Product Distribution
Flexible distribution methods provide the right products to the right place at the right time.

Superior Customer Service
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people are dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible.


eCommerce and eCatalog
Online sales solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your agency or program, including agency-branded online catalogs, easy product customization, low minimums and more.

Assistance with developing customized fundraising solutions and products.

Easy Payment Options
Secure online payment options such as PayPal, easy credit application or credit cards.


Program Awareness
Solutions designed to raise the awareness of your programs. Our own marketing efforts will benefit your program as well.

Brand Creation
Trust your brand to a partner with over 15 years of custom product experience.


Learn more about National Service Gear’s customized approach to helping your agency succeed. Download brochures and case studies here, and read about the successful application of our services with agencies like yours.

Consumer Brochure (PDF, 918KB)
Program Brochure (PDF, 934KB)
Case Studies
Public Safety (PDF, 426KB)
Volunteer (PDF, 492KB)




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We may already be providing products, services or solutions for your program. Search for your program to see what is offered. If you don’t find your program or if you have additional needs, please check out the Why Buy section and let us know how we can help.

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